Chamberlain MyQ CIGBU Gateway Wifi Garage Door Opener

Best Affordable Smart Wifi Garage Door Opener

Why people love it
  • Allows you to make any existing unit "smart"
  • Easy to set up and use; instructions simple to follow
  • User-friendly device

May have compatibility issues with certain routers.



This Chamberlain MyQ will turn any existing openers into "smart" devices. It works best with Chamberlain-made systems, but it's compatible with most belt drive systems. It provides the internet connectivity that allows you to open and close the door via your smartphone.

The MyQ Home app (available via Google Play and the Apple App Store) is easy to use, and it gives you a wide range of security and control features. You can customize the settings to receive alerts/notifications if the door is left open or opened when you are not at home. It's a great way to ensure that your home security is always on point. Plus, the "one touch" style of the Android app is very user-friendly.

The device is designed to be quick and easy to install, and it will link up with your home network within minutes. With a range of up to 150 feet, you don't have to worry about connectivity problems. The setup can all be done via your smartphone. All in all, a very reliable device!


For less than $40, this is a product that can't be beat! You must install it onto an existing system (preferably Chamberlain, but it's compatible with other brands). For the price, you won't find a better deal anywhere.

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