Why people love it
  • The handwarmer is outstanding and heats up in seconds
  • Just the right size to fit in your pocket
  • An essential tool for any outdoorsman

Bulky, flashlight is tricky to turn on.


Performance: If you're looking for a multi-purpose tool to take with you on the slopes, this is the perfect one. We know that getting to the mountain in the morning and staying until dark can make for a long day, hich is why it's important to be prepared. This 3-in-1 gadget holds enough juice to charge your phone, keep your hands warm, and light up the trails so you can find your way back in the dark. The durable plastic shell is strong enough to withstand a rough fall and compact enough to fit in your pocket. And, the lithium-ion battery can even deliver a full charge to most phones and even iPad Minis. You get up to 500 re-charges from this little device.

Features: The handwarmer on this device is outstanding and is designed with two temperature settings of 110 degrees and 130 degrees fahrenheit. The best part is, it warms your hands as soon as it turns on. So, no waiting around with cold hands. The Ewarmer boasts a 7800-mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that's set up to charge smartphones, MP3 players and other USB-powered devices. However, the cable isn't included so don't forget to pack it along. Also, the LED flashlight includes five different modes: red light, white light, blinking red light, blinking white light and SOS strobe light for emergencies.

Price: At $28, this is one of the best ski and snowboard gadgets under 100 dollars. Not only do you get an impressive battery charger and an outstanding hand warmer, but it's also a user-friendly LED flashlight that fits in your pocket. It's a good device to keep on hand!

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