Catit Senses 2.0 Play Circuit

Best Ball Toy For Cats

Why people love it
  • Stimulates cats' hearing, sight, and touch
  • Over 100 different layout options
  • Easy cleaning

If your cat enjoys chasing and hunting, your fur-baby will love this toy. You can even get balls that light up for the circuit. 

Some big kitties have issues fitting their paws in the slots to bat the ball around and lose interest. 


Durability: A lot of similar toys come apart at the joints when played with often, but the 2.0 Play Circuit snaps in place at each section and stays put without coming apart or sliding on hard flooring. 

Features: This toy is one customizable tunnel with a ball inside that cats can bat around and chase, without losing little pieces under furniture. It is compatible with older versions and works well with other Catit Senses toys to create a custom cat playground tailor made for your feline. 

Price: This is a great deal for this toy, and you can even upgrade to longer tracks for an additional cost if you want to splurge on your fur-baby. 

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