Most Complete Automatic Litter Box

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box
  • It's clean. All. The. Time!
  • Setup and programming are easy
  • Set it and leave it—no need to clean the litter, only sweep up spills
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Can accommodate up to 3 cats, incredibly clean, regularly washes out the litter, no litter dust, setup is fairly simple (may require some DIYing), well-designed, and built to last.

Runs as loud as a quiet dishwasher and can smell bad between usage and cleaning.


Operation: This is the cat equivalent of a luxury toilet! The CatGenie connects to your cold water system (may require a bit of fiddling if your hoses are old), and it automatically "flushes" after every use. The water that eliminates the waste will also clean the litter. The result: cleaner litter that reduces the risk of both pet and human disease.

The self-cleaning system is beautifully easy to set up, and it is fully automated—no user interaction required! All you need to do is clean up the occasional litter spills around the CatGenie and add more litter when it runs low.

Features: This kitty litter box uses a special (pricey) type of permanent litter, rather than the disposable cat litter you're used to using. It will last for much longer, will rarely need refilling, never needs to be changed, and is 100% free of dust. If any litter goes down the drain (with the flush), it will biodegrade within 9 months—reducing the risk of clogged drains.

The CatGenie is fairly noisy (it's been compared to quieter dishwashers), but it gets the job done! It will scoop out clumps, washes the litter, and even dries it to eliminate odors and makes the litter comfortable for your cats once more. It's just what you need to keep your home clean.

Price: $240 may seem like a high price to pay for a litter box, but not when you realize just how much time and effort it saves you. You'll never have to clean another litter box thanks to this bad boy!


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