Why people love it
  • Helps control vomiting
  • No fillers
  • Organic free-range chicken as a first ingredient

This food is really affordable compared to others on our list. Cats love the recipe made in an organically certified kitchen.

Since changing the formula, some cats don't like the food as much as the old formula. 


Protein: This organic cat food has 31% protein from organic free-range chicken.

Ingredients: Organix cat food is free of any corn, wheat, and soy ingredients. No ingredients come from China and are all sourced from US farmers who meet all the standards of the National Organic Program. 

Type: This is a dry cat food, in a Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe flavor that cats enjoy. 

Cost: When you get the 12lb bag it will cost around $0.99 a day for the average cat. 

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