Why people love it
  •  Solar panels keep your watch always charged
  • "Bulletproof"; designed to survive daily active outdoor use
  • Highly accurate, reliable, and functional

Never runs out of battery, features a solid buckle/closure to keep it securely on your wrist no matter what, classic G-Shock durability, plus very lightweight and comfortable.

Fake screws tend to fall off with regular use and battery will die if not left in the sun to charge.


Performance: This is one of the best sport watches for men who are in the armed forces, law enforcement, or just want a watch that can keep up with a hardcore lifestyle. The G-Shock design means it can handle a beating, survive up to 200 meters of water, and is fully resistant to magnetism.

The 50mm dial case is a little wide for men with smaller wrists, but it's great for larger men who need a larger watch. The mineral dial window has good backlighting so you can always see the time no matter how dark your conditions. The U.S.-made watch is built from durable resin that is scratch-resistant, flexible, and unlikely to break. There are four screws built into the watch face, but they're just for show. They do, however, give the watch a much more "hardcore" look, making it a highly appealing timepiece for rugged men.

Features: Not only does the watch come with a solar panel that recharges the battery every day, but the watch is designed to sync with the U.S. Atomic Clock every night. Talk about highly accurate timekeeping and maximum reliability!

The watch also comes with a highly precise stopwatch (to 1/100 of a second), atomic timekeeping, both 12 and 24-hour format, 31 time zones, calendar (featuring day, date, and month), and even a graph of the tide and the moon.

Price: At $100, this is one of the pricier watches on our list. However, it's well worth it for a watch that can survive regular use in the military, law enforcement, outdoor adventure sport, or chores around the house.

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