Casio Men's GA100-1A1 Black

Best Overall Sports Watch

Why people love it
  • Gorgeous and rugged mix of analog and digital watch
  • Designed to handle any sport, activity, or outdoor use
  • Packed with a lot of sport-specific features

Orange display light is faint and useless in the dark.


Performance: One of the best things about this watch is the fact that it's so rugged and durable. Made in the U.S. from high-quality resin, it's built with the classic durability that has made the name of G-Shock so well-known in the sport accessory world.

This watch can take one heck of a beating! It's shock-resistant, waterproof up to 200M, resistant to magnetism, and comes with a battery that lasts 2 years. Yet despite its durable design, it's also a beautiful watch. The extra-large face looks stylish and hardcore, and the matte black finish pairs nicely with any casual or formal outfits. Given its dual analog/digital function, it's a truly gorgeous piece of hardware!

Features: The fact that it's a mix of analog and digital makes this watch highly functional. The white hour/minute hands will glow in the dark to tell the time, but there's also an orange backlight for the digital display. (Be warned: a lot of users complain the backlight is useless.)

The watch is magnetic-resistant, waterproof, and built to last. You get World Time, a fully automated calendar up to 2099, auto LED light, a stopwatch accurate to 1/1000th of a second, and a speed indicator. Definitely a sports watch you can use for everything!

Price: At just over $70, this is actually a pretty well-priced watch. You get an incredibly durable design, excellent functionality, and a beautiful appearance. What more could you ask for in a sports watch?

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