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  • "Perfect phone to telescope mount."
  • Five stars and highly recommended
  • "Easy to use and great pictures/videos!"

The HookUpz Adapter allows users to connect a multitude of optics to their smartphones and then use their built in camera apps to take amazing pictures and videos. Built to last and comes with a fabulous carrying case.


Not compatible with all devices, so be sure to contact the manufacturer if you have a device not listed on the advertisement.


The Carson HookUpz Universal Smart Phone Optics Digi-scoping Adapter is compatible with binoculars, spotting scopes, monoculars, telescopes, microscopes (including slit lamps), endoscopes, borescopes and more. Additionally, it fits nearly all smart phones including all Samsung Galaxy and iPhone models (except 6 Plus), HTC One, HTC Evo 4G/4G LTE, LG G2, Motorola, Moto X/G, and Droid Razor.

In terms of features, this adapter really has it all - including: self-centering, quick release clamp and grips, two point alignment levers, and improved spring tension. Additionally, it comes with its own EVA storage case that has an attached carabineer clip and a lens spacer for longer eye relief eyepieces.

What Reviewers Say:

  • "I absolutely love this thing. I saw some mixed reviews on Amazon, but I decided to give this a try anyway, and I am happy that I did. I don’t generally read instructions, but in this instance it would have saved quite a bit of time if I did. The device is very simple to use, once you know how to use it. Carson has some videos “Tips and Tricks” and “Instructional” that anybody purchasing this product should play before they try to mount their phone."
  • "Excellent. This works very well for my phones and fits my camera to telescope and binoculars"
  • "I think this device is an engineering marvel. It is simple, it is easy to use, and I no longer need to try to position my phone next to my binoculars in order to get a good photo."


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