Why people love it
  • Great for healing chapped lips and cold sores
  • Light formula that coats lips well
  • Best value lip balm

In terms of the best cheap lip balms, you really can’t do better than Carmex. It does a great job healing lips, it comes in a convenient container, and it goes on smooth.

Some people say Carmex leaves a bad taste while others don’t think the lip balm holds up all day.


Hydration: For the most part, customers are obsessed with what a good job this lip balm does of making and keeping lips moist. But it is a cheap lip balm, so it might not last as long as more expensive ones.

Texture: This lip balm goes on nice and smooth and leaves the slightest of a glossy finish.

Convenience: These tins are nice and small, so you can carry them on you easily enough.

Price: You likely won’t find a better deal or a cheaper lip balm.

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