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Best Valentine's Gift for the Hard-Working Mommy

Why people love it
  • Give your wife a break from the kids (or dogs)
  • Perfect if you’re planning to take her out for the night or weekend
  • Reviews and ratings are helpful in finding quality help

Looking to take your wife away to celebrate the holiday or some other special occasion, but not sure what to do with the kids? is an affordable service that’ll help you do just that. Hire someone for in-home care, day care, and even camps—whatever you need to give your wife a break.

You’ll have to take time to meet the caregiver before you commit to hiring them.


Sentimentality: Sometimes it’s just nice not to have to worry about the kids while you’re trying to enjoy some time away from home (or at home with your hubby… if you know what I mean).

Uniqueness: There’s a chance you’ve used before. There’s also a chance that you haven’t. That doesn’t mean it won’t be appreciated for Valentine’s Day.

Practicality: If you’re able to find a sitter, meet them, hire them, and make arrangements all without your wife knowing, she’s going to go crazy for this gift. You’ve just got to be able to pull it off.

Price: The upfront fee is the one that’ll make you take a step back (simply because it’s not expected). The hourly/nightly rates for sitters though are pretty reasonable.

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