Cards Against Humanity

Best Graduation Gift for the Life of the Party

Why people love it


  • Great for parties 
  • Hilarious possibilities based on who you play with (and the luck of the draw) 
  • Add-on packs that give the game more layers 


Rated a top graduation gift idea on BuzzFeed, Cards Against Humanity makes the perfect gift for the college graduate who was always the life of the party. That’s not to say you want to encourage them to throw beer pong parties well into their late-20s or early-30s or anything, but it might not hurt to give them a card game that keeps those good times going… just more on an adult level.



Happiness Factor: When you’re recently graduated and about the enter the workforce, it can be quite daunting thinking about having to meet new people and start up a new social life that doesn’t revolve around college parties or bar crawls. Hopefully, this game reassures them that graduation doesn’t mean that the fun has to end.

Practical Applications: Party games are fun! We don’t know how practical they are necessarily (at least in terms of trying to “adult” well), but this game will get some use. 

Price: Not expensive at all, even if you decide to include all the additional packs in the graduation gift.

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