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  • Wallet securely adheres to back of phone 
  • Looks stylish 
  • Incredibly convenient 


Want fewer items to worry about keeping track of? The CardBuddy Deluxe credit card holder conveniently sticks to your phone, so you’ll always have your essential cards (like credit, license, and card keys) on hand.

The pocket in this wallet is pretty slim, but it does stretch. However, if you push it to its maximum capacity, you’ll need to keep that same amount of cards in at all times so the stretched-out pouch doesn’t let your cards slip out.


Size: As this wallet is meant to discretely stick to the back of your phone, it’s got to be slim and trim. Realistically, you’re looking at fitting maybe two or three cards and a single bill. 

Security: In its original state, this wallet is a tight fit which means you won’t have to worry about your cash or cards slipping out. However, do take note of the cons above as some users have experienced issues with slippage after pushing this card holder to its breaking point. 

Price: It’s a little pricey, but you can usually find it on Amazon for a discounted price.

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