Canon Wireless Photo Printer

Best Gift for a Girlfriend Who Loves Taking Photos

Why people love it
  • Simple setup
  • Photos print quickly
  • Compatible with most digital devices

Prints clear, vivid photos quickly and easily via a wireless connection. Prints up to 54 photos before you have to recharge its battery.

It’s portable, but some photographers complain that it’s heavier than other printers.


Details: Does your girlfriend take a bunch of photos and then complain that she’s out of space on her phone? This photo printer is the solution to her problems. She can print her favorites and place them on her wall, in a scrapbook, or in a memory box.

If you’ve ever loaded photo paper in a regular printer, you probably hated it as much as we did. This photo printer only prints photos, so your gf doesn’t have to fumble around with different settings in an attempt to make the printer work. She can print directly from a smartphone or tablet, which is super convenient.

Price: It’s less than $100 for this photo printer if you buy it without a battery. A battery costs an extra $80 or so.

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