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Camping Cookware Mess Kit Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment 10 Piece Cookset
  • "High quality mess kit with tons of extras!"
  • The #1 most convenient backpacking and hiking picnic set
  • "Very compact, lightweight and functional."
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Gone are the days of bulky, disorganized, and burdensome camping cook wear. Say hello to the convenient and easy way to transport everything you need for outdoor cooking. This 10 piece cook set will get the job done and last for many years.

Better for individual use - not large enough to cook for a group of people.


Details: The Camping Cookware Mess Kit is created using non-toxic anodized aluminum and is FDA approved. It heats quickly and is built to last. The entire 10 piece mess kit collapses into one small bundle, making it easy to store and transport your camping gadgets. Kit includes: non-stick pot, pan, lid, two bowls, spork, soup spoon, spatula, cleaning loofah, and travel bag - with a recipe guide as an added bonus! Unlike similar products, all handles are created using heat resistant material and will not melt while you cook.

The set is compact and durable - a must have accessory for any camping backpack for convenient & safe eating, cleaning, and storage.

What Reviewers Say:

  • "Best mess kit we could find in the $25.00 to 50.00 price range. This product is well made, high quality and a great value for the money. You can spend more and you may get more pots but if you buy another product (brand) you will not get the same value or quality. You can buy a larger mess kit from this same company but this product is great for a one person mess kit and that is what we were looking for."

  • "Very compact which makes it great to carry in a backpack. Durable product, well designed, and comes with everything needed. Definitely recommend."

  • "I purchased this item for my frequent backpacking and camping trips. It's an awesome mess kit and I'd rival it against any of the more expensive "name brand" kits I've used. The build quality is excellent and they include tons of awesome extras that come in handy when camping or hiking. The size is enough for making a meal for 2."



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