Best Fire Safety Method

Campfire Defender
  • A great way to prevent forest fires and fire hazards
  • Protects your campsite while giving you total control over airflow
  • Stakes keep it fully secured to the ground

Reduces campfire hazards, compact and easy to carry, lightweight, and keeps your coals warm for hours.

It's one of the priciest camping gadgets.


Features: This is a highly unique addition to your camping gear. It's essentially a fire-pit cover, one that will prevent sparks from being blown around by the wind. Covering your fire pit with the Campfire Defender will reduce the risks of random sparks starting forest fires (a serious problem on the West Coast) or burning your skin.

The military-grade cover is 60 x 68 inches, more than wide and long enough to cover any fire pit. The material is able to handle the heat of your campfire—up to temperatures of 2500 F, in fact. It's also weather-resistant, durable, and surprisingly lightweight. The aluminum pinwheel vent will allow you to control airflow to the firepit. Open it wide to allow for maximum airflow, or close it most of the way to keep those coals burning for up to 8 hours.

The accompanying aluminum stakes make it easy to secure the firepit cover, and it can even protect your fire from heavy rains. Best of all, it comes with a canvas carrying bag that makes it easy to transport on your hike or camping trip.

Price: At $250, this is a fairly pricey item. However, for those who camp often—particularly in places of high forest fire hazard—it's an investment in your safety!


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