Why people love it
  • A great alternative to campfires
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Convenient carrying bag

Because this is a propane camping stove, there is quite a bit of hissing that issues from the unit when the heat is turned up high (a common complaint with propane stoves). Some previous users have also commented on the small size of the flame.


Price: This camping stove comes with lava rocks, cooking forks, and a carrying bag, so the price on this reflects the whole package. A propane tank will still need to be purchased, but overall it’s a pretty good value considering everything that comes with it.

Size: When you think about a campfire, you usually don’t picture something small. However, this portable campfire is indeed compact with a diameter of 15” and a height of 6”. And with a small diameter comes a small, but strong flame for keeping warm or roasting food.

Stability: There are three short legs to prop this stove up off of the ground, so it appears relatively stable. Reviewers have yet to report any issues with stabilization.

Fuel: By relying on propane, this stove burns cleanly and efficiently.

Reliability: Despite the small flame that comes from this stove, previous users report that it produces a good amount of heat. They’ve also noted that it stands up well to the wind. And since this campfire alternative runs off of propane and not wood, it should perform perfectly well in all types of weather, too.

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