Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range

Best Propane Camping Stove

Why people love it
  • Simple, yet solid construction; lasts a long time
  • Two large burners provide excellent cooking space/capacity
  • Heats up very quickly

While the overall construction of this camping stove appears to be sturdy, buyers should beware of possible fragility in the smaller parts (like knobs, screws, etc.)


Price: While the $93 price tag on this seems reasonable for what you get, it’s important to keep additional purchases in mind. You’ll need to buy a propane tank and lighter, to start. The large burners also aren’t accommodating for a lot of cooking accessories, so you may have to purchase those from Camp Chef.

Size: In terms of specifications, this camping stove is 34” tall, 9.5” wide, and 16.25” in length, so it provides a lot of space for cooking meals, small and large. And while you might think a stove this long/tall might be difficult to carry around, think again. Reviewers say this one breaks down nicely into an easy-to-carry unit.

Stability: With four legs on the ground and sturdy construction, this camping stove provides plenty of stability when cooking.

Fuel: This camping stove runs strictly on propane, which means fuel will be cheap, easy to light, fairly clean (i.e. less soot), and work well in a variety of climates.

Reliability: Aside from issues some users have reported with broken parts, everything about this stove appears to make it a super reliable pick. From its sturdiness to its all-weather capacity, and its ease of use and proven track record in holding up to repeated use, this Camp Chef stove is a great pick.

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