CamKix Extendable Selfie Stick

Best Selfie Stick for Kids

Why people love it
  • Cheap, lightweight selfie stick that's perfect for kids
  • Good telescoping length and adjustable angle
  • Easy for smaller hands to hold and keep steady

Lightweight, cheap, can handle careless use, adjustable head, compatible with most smartphones, fits in most backpacks and bags, lanyard to prevent accidents, fully adjustable extension from 11" - 40", universal phone holder for any device up to 3.25" in width, and 180 degree adjustable head.

Doesn't have a built-in remote, and it requires phone camera timer to operate.


Performance: If you want a selfie stick that's perfect for your kids (and their less-than-gentle handling), this is the stick of choice! There are no frills with this stick—a simple grip for the phone, a stick to extend the camera position, and that's it—but it gets the job done. It's lightweight enough for most kids, and it can handle their daily use without breaking. It's not the most durable selfie stick, but it's ideal for children who want to take selfies with their friends. It fits into their backpack or school bag, and will allow them to take wide-angle and group shots all they want.

Features: This selfie stick doesn't come with a Bluetooth remote, so the kids will have to set the timer on their phones, huddle up, and let the camera do the work. The grip is compatible with most smartphones, and you'll find it holds their phones securely. All in all, a great selfie stick for your kids!

Price: This selfie stick may not be as versatile as the iStabilizer, but it's about half the price. And at $7, this is a selfie stick you won't mind buying again and again. It will keep up with your kids as they go through school and outdoor adventures, but it's cheap enough to replace whenever it (inevitably) breaks.

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