This Camelbak makes it easy to carry your valuables like your phone and bike tools. It features an antidote reservoir with Quick link system, weather resistant zipper, and is super lightweight.

The Camelbak comes with a lifetime guarantee and it's very easy to clean the antidote reservoir. The pack is made of nylon with an independent suspension shoulder harness. It's ideal for those going on a short day-long hike, as it carries a good deal of water plus all the little extra items you can't live without!

What Reviewers Say:

If you're like most users, you're going to love it!

  • I have my pack ready to go at all times - loaded with everything I need to grab, go, and hit the trails (except water bottles). I've done everything from epic one-way trail rides to weekend-warrior local singletrack with the pack and never once regretted it. You won't either.
  • I work as a park ranger and I'm stuck out on eight hour shifts with no water access...3L is amazing. The back ventilation design works like a dream. I like the model because its light weight and not as bulky as a regular backpack. Great for biking as well, never in the way and has good pocket designs to fit anything I need. Buy this!
  • It was CamelBak’s attention to detail that told me their designers actually get out on the trails themselves and that’s something I can appreciate.

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