Why people love it
  • Pump flush keeps the toilet bowl clean
  • Low cost yet simple, efficient, and reliable design
  • Streamlines cleaning and disposing of waste; user-friendly

Shallow toilet bowl and small flush tank.


Operation: For those who want a flushable toilet to take camping, this Camco portable toilet is a God-send. With a 2.5 gallon water tank and battery-powered pump flush action, you'll have a simple, reliable toilet for a modern campsite. The seat is comfortable, the construction durable, and the camping toilet does exactly what it's designed to do: flush and store waste matter.

The self-contained unit has a large holding tank (5.3 gallons), though the bowl is a bit shallow. The bellows-type pump ensures that you get good water pressure with each flush, but only a small amount of water is used. Definitely an eco-friendly option!

At 16.5 inches high, the seat is a bit lower than your basic toilet, but not so much as to be noticeable. You'll still sit comfortably on the well-designed seat, and it will feel almost like you're in the comfort of your own bathroom. Best of all, the toilet weighs just 11 pounds when empty, making it beautifully portable.

Features: Worried about smells and spills? Don't be! The toilet comes with a sealing valve that is leak-resistant and prevents odors from escaping the holding tank. Even if the toilet tips over, you'll never need to worry about it leaking. The side latches will keep the tank to the toilet for maximum stability.

The built-in lever makes flushing the toilet a breeze, and the bellows pump gives you good flushing action. The toilet comes with a packet of scent-killing/masking chemicals that make cleaning the toilet easier. With a weight capacity of 330 pounds, the toilet is great for heavier users.


Prices for this toilet drop as low as $50, though you can expect to pay closer to $70 or $80 when there are no sales or special deals. However, given its reliable, durable, and user-friendly design, it's one of the best-value portable toilets around.

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