Why people love it
  • Durable and resistant to sand, dust, and water damage
  • Surprisingly loud; perfect for use in wide open spaces
  • Good bass and depth, with excellent balance of sound

VERY loud, ideal for use outdoors, heavy bass, good sound, easy to pair with Bluetooth devices, weather and water-resistant, decent battery life, and features instant connectivity.

Does not include a charge indicator and cannot  switch between multiple devices without taking time to re-connect.


Performance: What makes this speaker system good for outdoor use? First off, it's designed to be used outdoors, so it's dust-proof, rain-proof, splash-proof, and sand-proof. You can't swim with it, but it can be used in just about any environment without damaging it. It's durable, lightweight, and easily portable.

But the sound quality, volume, and depth also contribute to its excellence for outdoor use. The volume goes VERY high considering its small size, and it will fill a wide open space with well-balanced sound. You get great bass, mids, and highs from this small speaker, ensuring that your music is enjoyable no matter where you are. Place the speaker on a hard surface, and you amplify the bass significantly! Note: The speaker may vibrate/move if the bass is turned up, so be aware of placement if you have the bass on high.

Connectivity is another big plus. While it doesn't have the best range (30 feet), the one-touch pairing allows you to connect to any device in range.

Features: The speaker is designed to power down after 15 minutes of inactivity, a feature that helps to conserve battery life. With 7 hours of run time, it's a reliable device indeed.

The built-in speakerphone and microphone will allow you to make and answer calls without disconnecting your device, and the auxiliary cable input makes it easy to connect non-Bluetooth devices for playback.

Price: At $28, this is the cheapest of the speakers on our list. It's great for outdoor use, can handle a surprising amount of wear and tear, and is beautifully user-friendly. If only it had a few more features…

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