Why people love it
  • Super soft
  • Not too padded
  • Seamless and easy to wear under anything

The Fashion Spot named this bra one of the best push-up bras for small busts, but why stop there? With a decent amount of padding that creates a natural and comfortable lift, this bra works well for all cup sizes!

The biggest issue previous users have had with this is the sizing. Always make sure to check on a particular brand’s specifications before purchasing.


Support: There are no issues with support from this bra. It’s got just the right amount of padding to keep your breasts firmly in place.

Lift: If you’re looking for va-va voom cleavage, you’re probably not going to get it with this one. This bra is focused more on being a versatile solution—that happens to offer some lift—for everyday use.

Comfort: You shouldn’t have any issues with chafing, digging, or having to constantly adjust. This bra will stay put and will leave you feeling comfortable all day long.

Price: Not bad at all considering the versatility and durability you’ll get from this bra.

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