Calvin Klein Steel Micro Boxer Briefs

Best Men's Calvin Klein Underwear

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Why people love it
  • Comfortable, super soft material
  • Makes men feel sexy
  • Perfect fit and support

Give you a body defining fit that not only looks sexy, but feels supportive and comfortable too.

Guys who are used to wearing looser boxers may find these too snug.


Fabric: The reason men can claim that these underwear are so comfortable is because of the microfiber fabric. It's a genius blend of 89% nylon and 11% elastane making it lightweight and super soft.

These sexy boxers come in black, grey, white, and blue. And, you can machine wash every pair. 

Comfort:Many reviewers hail this underwear for its perfect fit and support. They fit well, they don't ride up (thanks to an elastic in the leg), and they're soft. In fact, you will barely feel anything at all.

Calvin Klein designed these boxers with smooth, flat stitching, for no bulk and added comfort, too. As a bonus, these briefs are tagless. 

If you want the most comfortable boxer briefs, these are your best bet! 

Price: At $28 a pair, these luxury-priced boxer briefs are expensive. However, their durability and high-quality construction make them a worthwhile investment.

You will not only feel sexier, but you'll look sexier too. Definitely worth every penny!

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