Why people love it
  • Very flattering and comfortable style
  • Stays secure no matter what
  • Included straps make this bra incredibly versatile

The biggest complaint about this bra is that it doesn’t actually work as a push-up bra as the name claims.


Comfort: So long as you get the right size (which some customers have had problems with), you’ll have no problems with comfort--with or without the straps. The bra comes padded as well, so that adds to the comfort of wearing it and knowing that your nipples won’t show through. It also creates a flattering shape.

Security: As long as customers heed the warning that this bra wasn’t really designed for larger breasts, security won’t be a problem. And if it does become a problem, you can always switch to halter tops, use the straps, and still be able to go backless.

Price: Not terribly expensive for a bra as well made as this.

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