Calvin Klein Men's Steel Hip Brief

Best Calvin Klein Men's Brief Underwear

Why people love it
  • So comfortable you might forget you have anything on
  • Fits really well
  • Looks great no matter what you wear over it (if anything)

This pair is super attractive, fits great, and most users say it’s worth paying the high price tag for. It has a sleek, contoured fit with a metallic logo waistband. 

The biggest issue with this underwear seems to be with the waistband. Some reviewers say the seams around it fall apart while others say it has a tendency to roll and become really uncomfortable.


Fabric: If you’re looking for a brief that feels nice against your skin—so nice, in fact, that you might forget you’re wearing it—you’ve got to try these Calvins.

The microfiber fabric is made from 89% nylon and 11% elastane, making it pretty much the softest fabric you will ever find. As a bonus, these come without a tag, making them even more comfortable. 

These briefs come in a variety of colors including black, white, midnight, and violet. 

Comfort: The hip brief design has a waistband that sits at the hip with a high cut leg. The micro-fiber is gentle on all of your man parts and the elastic band has enough stretch for your waist.

If you want a high quality underwear that feels nice against the skin and works well under anything you wear, give these a shot.

Price: The $18 price, we’ll admit, is a bit high for a single pair of underwear. However, these will last you a really long time since they hold up well in the wash.

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