Why people love it
  • Best choice if you cook a lot and need consistent results
  • Perfect size for just about anything you want to cook
  • Nonstick is super durable

Perhaps the price, but that won’t matter if you still have this pan in heavy rotation ten years down the road.


Nonstick: This is made by Calphalon, so you know there’s going to be a serious coating of nonstick on this pan. In fact, there are three layers of nonstick coating: two to ensure durability and one that helps keep food from sticking.

Ease of Use: This pan is so beautifully made. There are two handles to help with transporting this pan all around the kitchen as well as from stove to oven. It also takes care of evenly cooking your food, so you don’t have to constantly worry about moving it to the spot receiving the most heat on the stove. 

Cleaning: Thanks to its nonstick coating, high walls, and glass lid, this nonstick pan is really easy to get clean and keep clean.

Price: This is the most expensive nonstick pan on the list, but there’s very good reason for it.

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