Why people love it
  • Great all-purpose nonstick pan
  • Perfect for meals, large and small
  • Cooks food evenly

If you’re not in the habit of cooking more than an egg or two or other small meals, you might not need all this.


Nonstick: This pan has a double layer of nonstick glaze which keeps the coating intact for a really long time.

Ease of Use: Because of the overall size of this pan, you’re going to love cooking with it. It’s large enough to cook pretty much anything you might need and does so evenly and quickly.

Cleaning: Because the nonstick works so well, you won’t have to worry about trying to safely scrape bits of pieces off the bottom of this. It cleans up quite nicely. Also, the great thing about all-purpose pans is that they tend to be deeper than traditional ones. This means less of a need to clean up around the stove since spillage over the lip of the pan is rare.

Price: For what you get here—a high-quality nonstick pan and a glass lid—this is an unbeatable price.

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