CakCity Digital Sports Watch

Best Budget Running Watch

Why people love it
  • A simple, practical digital watch to take on every run
  • Can survive rain, snow, sleet, and hail; fully waterproof
  • The perfect watch for hardcore workouts and long-distance runs

Simple, reliable, VERY durable, waterproof, basic digital watch features, shock-resistant, good for sports and training, and easy to see in the dark.

No fancy watch features.


Performance: Tired of your high-tech running watch running out of battery life? With this digital watch, you get simple timekeeping without all the fuss of the other watches on our list. It has all the basic functions you need from a watch, but with a battery life measured in YEARS rather than hours.

The watch is built to last, with a durable PC case, polyurethane band, and a resin mirror. It's shock-resistant, waterproof up to 50 meters, and resistant to scratches and damage. You'll never have to worry about your watch breaking or being damaged on your runs!

Features: The watch lacks all the high-tech features of the other options on our list, but gives you a stopwatch, backlight, LED display, alarm, time, and date. The numbers are bright, bold, and big, easy to see even in low light conditions. Though it won't track your heart rate or receive smartphone notifications, it's a reliable, durable timepiece that will last through any workout, run, or weather conditions.

Price: At $13, this is a very well-priced watch. It'll last for years to come, with good battery life and reliable functionality. If you want something inexpensive, this is your best bet.

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