Why people love it
  • Both male to female and female to male connectivity
  • A well-built product, with sturdy plastic and gold plating
  • Resists corrosion and increases durability

Audio must be transmitted separately.


Performance: For reliable two-way HDMI-DVI or DVI-HDMI connectivity, this is a great choice. The adapters are compatible with both male and female DVI and HDMI, so you can connect any two devices together easily. With a sturdy plastic shell and gold-plated connectors, this is a well-built, durable two-pack that will make connecting your devices a cinch.

Features: One adaptor comes with a female HDMI and male DVI connection, while the other comes with a male HDMI and female DVI connection. The adaptor supports video resolution up to full 1080p HD, but the audio must be connected separately (quite a pain in the butt!).

The plastic shell has a patterned grip that makes it easy to plug in and disconnect the adaptor.

Price: At $8 for the 2-pack, you get a great way to connect any devices (computer monitor, TV, Blu-ray player, TV box, console, etc.).

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