Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

Best Travel Pillow for Long Haul Flights

Why people love it
  • Comfortable
  • Terrific support; keeps neck in a good position
  • Great for long flights

The raised side supports keep your neck in a comfortable position for hours on end and the flat back means you’re not pushed forward from your (hardly reclining) coach seat. Plus, it shrinks to a fraction of its size for storage.

It’s not cheap, but it’s absolutely worth it if you’re flying 8 or 18 hours at a stretch.


So, it doesn’t fall into the snug $20-30 price bracket that most travel neck pillows do. But, that’s because of the delicious support it provides – plus a few other extras to boot.

And we do want to talk about the support first because it’s pretty darn awesome. For a start, the back of the pillow isn’t the thickest part – which tends to make neck pillows uncomfortable on planes. The back is a little flatter. The memory foam is taller around the neck than most pillows and that makes it an absolute delight. Combined with the toggles that snap together, you will definitely get some serious support here.

A few other bonuses include the built-in side pocket to hold your phone or iPod, and the included memory foam earplugs. Plus the compact travel bag that allows you to squash your travel neck pillow into the smallest possible size.

On the downside, this pillow is heavy. It weighs over 11 ounces; if travelling light is a priority, you probably don’t want this pillow. Plus, most people aren’t willing to pay $40 unless they travel frequently or flip across oceans regularly. (And many of those buyers tend to fly business class where neck pillow support is less of an issue. But, you do get a 2-year satisfaction warranty and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What’s it made of? The polyurethane memory foam core is covered by soft, cotton (80%) and polyester (20%) blended velour.

What support does it offer? You get 360º support for your head and chin. Plus, the raised side and flat back is perfect for your neck.

How do you wash it? The outer cover is machine washable. If you really need to, you can wipe down the foam insert.

How big is it? At full size this pillow measures 10 x 9.5 x 5". Compressed into its bag, you get a height of 5.5” and a diameter of 4.5” – though you will need to roll it properly. We think that’s a little amazing given the original dimensions.

How much does it weigh? 11.2 oz. That’s on the heavy side.

What colors are available? Black, blue tropic hibiscus, Cabeau blue, camouflage, crimson, grey, orange, pink and red

Will it break the bank? At $40, it’s not the cheapest travel pillow. But, there are plenty of features in addition to the support. Rather than being expensive, we do think this item offers value for money.

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