Why people love it
  • Super compact and portable
  • Great value
  • Very bright
  • Some customers have received non-working flashlights.
  • But their customer service is fast, efficient, and promises a 90-day, money-back guarantee.

Purpose: Since these flashlights are so small and powerful, you can really use them for anything: hiking, camping trips with the kids, fishing, late-night barbeques, walking the dog, etc. Their aluminum body can handle impact, water, dust, and damage like a boss, making them one of the most durable choices despite their small size.

Performance: Aside from the cons noted above, customers seem really pleased with the overall performance of these flashlights. The simple operation makes them easy to use, they don’t require uncommon or expensive batteries, and they provide a strong beam whenever you need it. They may be small, but their 9 built-in LED bulbs put out 30 lumens--more than enough for use at home, while camping, in cases of power outage, or emergencies.

With these four flashlights around your house, you'll never fumble in the darkness again! Thanks to the fact that they run on standard AAA batteries and have a 30-hour run time, you'll always have light.

Price: The base price is a total steal, and you'll find they're one of the best-valued flashlights on our list.

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