Butterfly Kiss

Best Vibrator to Reach Your G-Spot

Why people love it
  • Super affordable
  • Perfect for the first timer looking to learn how their body works
  • Will climax very easily with this one

If this is your first time with a vibrator, you’ve got to use one that’s easy, helps you get the hang of what your body likes, and won’t discourage you from vibrators altogether. This is a cheap and safe place to start.

Some customers have had problems with the antenna breaking off, so use this with care.


Noise Level: One of the most common “cons” associated with this vibrator is the noise level.

Stimulation: This vibrator can hit any sensitive area you want: externally on the clitoris, balls, or perineum; internally in the vagina or anus.

Strength: Considering how easily and quickly customers claim to orgasm with this vibrator, I don’t think power is of much concern.

Special Features: Hits both the inside and outside. Waterproof.

Price: I haven’t seen a cheaper vibrator that is as reliable as this one.

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