Burton Weekender Socks (2-Pack)

Best Snowboard Socks Overall

Why people love it
  • Perfectly placed cushioning for snowboard boots
  • Cozy, soft, and warm
  • So many fun colors to choose from!

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Jake Burton Carpenter, one of the founders of snowboarding, is responsible for the company that makes the best snowboarding apparel. These well-padded, supremely warm, and comfortable socks take care of the serious snowboarder’s every need (including fashion).

If you’re looking for a sock that will work just as well on and off the slopes, you’ll want to check out a more generic winter sock for that. These are going to be a little too tall and thick to fit comfortably in your everyday shoes.


Thickness: These mid-weight socks are just the right amount of heavy and thick for snowboard boots.

Warming: If your goal is to keep your feet warm all day, this thick material will do the trick!

Drying: Even if your feet should get wet wearing these socks (which isn’t likely to happen), just hang them up for a super-quick drying time.

Comfort: Wool socks can get itchy, but that’s not the case here. Reviewers have called these socks comfortable, soft, warm, and cozy. The cuff elastic also helps the sock stay put all day (without chafing).

Padding: In addition to being a thick sock, there is also strategic cushioning featured throughout for arch and ankle support, as well as toe and heel protection.

Price: You get two pairs of socks with this purchase, which makes these snowboard socks an awesome deal!


Get the Men’s socks here.

Get the Women’s socks here.

Get the Children’s socks here.

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