Best Single Serve Coffee Maker for Folks that Need Flexibility

BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer
  • On-the-go coffee drinkers can’t live without it
  • All those lovely options
  • Easy to use and super convenient
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You can use this single serve coffee pot to brew coffee grounds, K-Cups, tea bags, and even loose tea. It’s wonderfully compact and features a pulse mechanism for stronger brews.

It’s not the quietest and it’s not necessarily cheap given that you need to fill the reservoir for every cup you make.


Life is a constant series of trade-offs and this single-serve coffee maker illustrates that better than anything. Overall, this is an appliance filled with positives, but there are a few things that may not be right for all users. The best thing about it is the flexibility of brewing what you want. From tea to K-Cups to grounds, this machine can handle it. You can also make your drinks as strong or as weak as you like.

But, it doesn’t have a reservoir to speak of. You add as much water as you want for the next brew. Now, that does mean that you have fresh water every time, and that allows for the tiny footprint of this machine. It also heats that water quickly for coffee in under a minute. But, we also feel the price is pushing it just a little bit.

Pods or grounds? The absolutely most brilliant feature of this coffee maker is that you have flexibility with what you brew. If you sometimes use K-Cups and sometimes grounds, this may be the best single serve coffee maker for you. You can also brew tea (in bags or loose).

Reservoir size? But, the biggest drawback to this machine is the reservoir. It cannot handle more than 14 ounces at a time. You will need to fill it for every single cup. That’s a bit of a pain.

What are the adjustable options? Sadly, you can’t control temperature, but you do have some control over the strength of your tea or coffee.

  • Cup size: This can handle anything between 4 and 14 ounces. Use less water for a stronger brew.
  • Brew strength: There is a pulse button so you can extract every last fiber of flavor in a single cup.

Any other features? We don’t know that you can call them features, but this has a tiny footprint so it works in even the smallest of kitchens and it still offers limited storage for pods, grounds, or whatever. There are also parts that are (top-rack) dishwasher-safe.

Will it break the bank? The MSRP sits at about $200. You can expect to pay between $160 and $175 on Amazon. The price doesn’t hurt much but you may feel a little sting every time you add fresh water to brew a cup.


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