Why people love it

• Incredibly strong locking system keeps the blade securely in place

• Durable 420HC steel blade; holds an edge well

• Smooth mechanism with a heavy duty frame

Wooden handle, 420HC steel blade, narrow tip, great for detail work, brass bolsters enhance grip strength, Lifetime Warranty, lightweight, and good blade length.

Takes two hands to open, and reviewers report quality control issues.


Performance: If you need a great knife to take on your hunting trips, this is the blade for you! With its 420HC steel blade and brass bolster-enhanced wooden handle, you have a knife built to last. It's lightweight enough to carry without noticing, but the 4-inch blade delivers all the knife edge you need to cut into any carcass. The narrow point is great for detailed work, such as skinning the underbelly of a deer.

The blade is durable, holds an edge well, and has a smooth action that opens and closes easily. You have to open the blade two-handed, but it's easy to use with either hand once opened.

Be warned: Buck does have trouble with quality control. More than a few blades have defects. The manufacturer will happily replace them, but it's a hassle for users that need a good knife NOW.

Features: The locking system is guaranteed to keep the blade securely in place both open and closed. The lockback design reduces the risk of the knife snapping closed while you're using it, and keeps the blade from wiggling as you're cutting.

The wooden handle is easy to grip, and the brass bolsters reduce the wear and tear on the grip. It's a simple knife with few features, but it's still one of the best hunting knives around.

Price: At $40, this is a well-priced blade. You get a lifetime warranty (including replacements for defective knives) on this US-made product. It's a simple tool that delivers quality—everything you need in a hunting knife!

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