Why people love it
  • Brushes are so soft
  • Wonderful quality
  • Nice variety

The larger brushes in this 10-piece makeup brush set are labeled, making it easy for beginners. Plus, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee.

In addition to the slight chemical paint smell, some users find there’s a need to reglue the handle to the tops.


Every makeup brush in this set is soft and silky to the touch – and you get an amazing selection of brushes. Once you’ve gotten the hang of working with brushes, you’ll find it’s very easy to select the right one. In the meantime, the larger brushes are labeled to help you along. There’s a good selection of concealer and foundation brushes in the mix.

The one drawback to these brushes is the light glue that connects the handles to the tops. Serious makeup brush users will take the time to unglue and then reglue these connections after the first wash (and you know you need to do that, right). Not everyone experiences this issue – and, given, the price, we don’t mind terribly. (In case you need some help with how to clean makeup brushes, we’ve got you covered.)

Number of pieces: 10

Brushes: Angled, tapered, flat, flat angled, round, small angled, small tapered, small flat, small flat angled, small round

Case or storage: None

Bristles: High-density synthetic fiber hairs that don’t shed

Price: The MSRP is $40, but we’ve seen this set of makeup brushes for sale for as little as $10 on Amazon. That’s probably why it’s a bestseller - or maybe it’s the other way around.

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