Best Workout Shorts for Runners

Brooks Mens Sherpa 7" 2-in-1 Shorts
  • Shorts built specifically for the needs of runners
  • Lightweight without sacrificing durability
  • Big gel pocket for carrying phones and keys
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Includes zippered pockets, lightweight, super comfortable, supportive, excellent ventilation, odor-resistant, good selection of styles and colors, excellent shorts lining, roomy without being baggy, and versatile.

Pricey and a bit slim in the butt area.


Material: The mixture of mesh, polyester, and spandex is unique, making these shorts that offer lightweight comfort, excellent breathability, and just enough elasticity for your runs. You get an excellent range and freedom of movement in these bad boys!

Fit, Length, and Features: The fit is slim without being too tight, making them ideal for trim runners. Heavier runners may find the shorts constrict a bit in the butt, especially if you're carrying something in the pockets. With the 5" length, they're definitely a pair of short shorts that allow you plenty of movement.

The shorts come with a gel pocket that provides cushioning for your phone, and the pocket is large enough to handle big phones (one user said a Samsung Galaxy 6). There is also an inner key pocket, and a zippered pocket to store money, IDs, and credit cards.

The inner mesh lining offers good support for your privates without causing overheating problems. You get excellent ventilation and comfort from these shorts!

Quality: The quality of the shorts is above market average, but not the most durable around. You'll get a few months of regular use before they start to look worn.

Price: At $44 per pair, these are definitely among the priciest shorts on our list. However, thanks to their unique features, they're a decent option for runners specifically.


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