If you've just started dating and your new boyfriend knows a thing or two about his hair, look no further than this modern gift set by Brooklyn Grooming. Like a BirchBox for women, the Brooklym Draper Gift Set has a collection of miniture 'gentlemen' items for the modern hipster men. 


The Brooklyn Dapper Gift Set contains a collection of small sample-sized items selected for the modern gentleman. With item theme named based on the hipster-style of Brooklyn, the kit includes four sample sizes of Brooklyn Dapper's best selling items: Red Hook Facial serum, Anchor aftershave, Fort Green Shaving oil, Williamsburg Beard oil. To add to the 'gentlemenly' or rather 'modern hipster' nature of the kit, this gift set also inlcudes a blue and white stripe bow tie from Anna Runa, a small pack of Altoids, and Advil. All items are packaged in a sleek metal tin and include a postcard and bookmark.  

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