Britax Parkway SGL

Best Booster Seat

Why people love it
  • Britax is generous with cushioning, so you know your child will be comfortable
  • Great height range to custom-fit any kid
  • The back detaches, making this a 2-in-1 booster seat

The LATCH system can be a little tricky to get the hang of. 


Safety: The most telling case for the safety of this seat is a real-life incident that happened to a dad of a 3-year old boy who saw first hand how great this seat is at keeping kids safe. A careless driver ran a red light and plowed into the side of their vehicle, but the side impact wings saved his son's life when the side airbags weren't enough.

Ease of Use: The Britax Parkway SGL gets a 3-star rating from the NHTSA for ease of use. 

Features: This seat has everything you want in a booster: adjustable simple to use head rest, an ISOFLEX LATCH system to keep the booster secured to the back seat, Secure Guard Belt Positioning Clip to make sure your child can't slide under the lap belt in a collision, and the back detaches into a backless booster to adapt to your child until they pass the 5-Step Test. The Parkway SGL fits children 40-120lbs and 38"-68" tall. 

Cost: When you want the absolute best booster seat for the money, the Britax Parkway SGL not only delivers but goes above and beyond other seats in its price range. 

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