Brita Slim

Best Small Water Filter Pitcher

Why people love it
  • A compact little pitcher perfect for mini-fridges
  • Reliable filtration, top-rated product
  • Durable and long-lasting, yet not too pricey

Compact, fits on any fridge door, high quality Brita filter, durable, improves water taste and smell, filters out chlorine and heavy metals, sticker filter indicator lets you know when to change the filters, and features a good filtration speed.

Filters can be tough to change, and there's no cover on the pitcher spout.


Pitcher Size: This is the smallest pitcher on our list, capable of holding just 5 cups of water. However, its small size makes it ideal for very full or very small fridges (mini-fridge especially). It can fit on any fridge door, and it will be perfect for one or two people who want quality, clean water.

Filtration: The Brita filtration system (using activated carbon produced from coconut shells) is one of the top-rated on the market, and it will filter out up to 97% of heavy metals, chlorine, and organic impurities. It can improve the flavor and odor of tap water.

The filter can last for up to 40 gallons, and the sticker indicator lets you know when it needs to be changed out. However, be warned: changing the filter can be a bit tricky!

Other Features: The pitcher comes with an easy-open lid, though sadly there's no cover for the spout, so there's a real risk of debris and dust getting into your pitcher.

Price: At $25, this is one of the cheaper pitchers on our list—reasonable, given its small size. If you want something for a small fridge, this is the perfect choice.

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