Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher

Best Water Filter Pitcher Overall

Why people love it
  • An amazing water filter pitcher; reliable and user-friendly
  • Removes chlorine taste and heavy metals (cadmium, mercury, and copper) for cleaner water
  • Easy to use; simple to change filter

It's slightly difficult to clean around the filter.


Pitcher Size: The pitcher is designed to hold 10 cups of water, making it a well-sized pitcher suitable for a family of 3-5. It comes in a space-saving shape that can fit on most fridge doors and shelves. Thanks to the built-in handle and easily removable lid, it's a pitcher that makes serving your family filtered water a breeze.

Filtration: The filtration system is made using activated carbon, which is produced from coconut shells. The proprietary filter not only removes organic compounds and sediment from the water, but it can improve the taste and smell of the water, eliminating traces of chlorine. The white ion-exchange granules are effective at removing heavy metals from the drinking water.

The filter can "replace" up to 300 6.9-ounce bottles. Brita recommends changing the filter after every 40 gallons, which is about 60-65 uses with 10 cups of water per use.

Other Features: The removable lid makes it easy to not only re-fill the pitcher, but also to wash it out and change the filter. There is only a sticker indicator to let you know when the filter needs changing out, unlike the digital indicators with other choices on our list. However, when it comes to cleanliness and user-friendliness, nothing beats the Brita Everyday!

Price: At $37, this is one of the pricier products on our list. Given that it's the first of its kind and a German-made product, it's definitely worth the cost. It will last you well for years to come!

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