Brit by Burberry Perfume for Women

Best of Women's Perfumes for Fall/Winter

Why people love it
  • The perfect hint of sweetness
  • Smells warm and inviting
  • Very sophisticated, yet youthful

Sweet but not overpowering, so you'll smell feminine but bold. 

Ideal for cooler weather such as fall and winter. 


Scent: When you first spray this beautiful fragrance you immediately notice the delicious combination of creamy vanilla and sweet almond. This brand smells like biscotti, those Italian cookies that you eat while drinking coffee. You've truly got to smell it to believe it. Other notes include lime, icy pear, amber, and mahogany.

Price: This price reflects the 1.7 fluid ounce bottle, though you can buy larger sizes - which you'll likely want to do after sampling this lovely scent.  

What reviews say:

With a solid rating of 4.7 stars on Sephora, you know you're in for something that smells amazing. Here's what reviewes have to say about this fragrance.

  • "This is great. It's definitely a staple of mine, and was my first signature perfume! It smells so warm and spicy, I really like it for autumn and winter. I like that I can get warm vanilla notes from it without being cloying or overpoweringly sweet. Also not overpowering."
  • "I've found that even in my worst mood, this scent can pick me up and make me feel better. It has become a staple in my collection. I favor spicy scents over floral, and this just hits the nail on the head. It is so warm and sensual. And I must say that I have received more compliments on Brit than anything else I wear. I will be purchasing this scent for years to come."
  • "Love this fragrance! In an array of brands that seem to all smell the same, this one stands out. I'm just crazy about the smell. It reminds me of fall/winter in London."

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