NuBra Ultralite

Best Adhesive Pasties

Why people love it
  • Perfect for an almost invisible look
  • Provides ample coverage of the nipple and breast
  • Super sticky adhesive that will last for up to 50 wears

Much more effective for women with smaller breasts. Also, the adhesive may not be completely waterproof, so be prepared to experience some slippage on hot days. Finally, be aware of knock offs on Amazon.


Comfort: Unlike typical pasties that only cover the nipple, these provide ample coverage which contribute to the seamless, invisible blending beneath your clothing. And unlike traditional adhesive bras, there’s no need to pull up the bra; everything stays in place perfectly.

Security: If all you need is nipple coverage beneath your light, summery outfits or fancy eveningwear, these pasties will definitely get the job done. Also, if you're in need of a little lift, the front closure can provide you that as well. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the sizes run slightly small, so these will not work for much more than pasties if you're anything above a C cup.

The strong adhesive will keep the pasties in place wear after wear, but, the adhesive is also easy to remove when you're finished wearing.

Price: Between $25 and $40 for a pair of adhesive pasties seems a bit steep, but these really are top of the line. Customers say the adhesive lasts a long time, which makes the slightly expensive price of these pasties worth it if you have a need for braless styling.

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