"Bring Me a Beer" Socks

Best Gift for a Dad Who Loves Beer

Why People Love it

  • Stretchy material
  • Comfortable fit
  • Funny message


Why he needs it: Dad loves unwinding with a cold beer after a busy day of work or parenting, but sometimes the fridge just seems so far away from the sofa or bed. These silly socks encourage loved ones to head to the kitchen and grab dad a beer.

Will these socks actually get the job done? We can’t make any promises, but they’re definitely good for a laugh.

Price: At $9.95, these socks are a bit pricier than a pack of Hanes or whatever dad usually wears. But do Hanes socks have cool messages like “Bring me a beer”? Nope.

The included can holder keeps dad’s brewski from getting warm. Multiple sizes available.

You have to wash these socks by hand.

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