Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler

Best Eyelash Curler Overall

Why people love it
  • Love the rose gold color
  • Great product and highly recommended
  • Works well without any pulling

A very few users have experienced this snapping, but it’s not a common occurrence. However, if you do find you need assistance, the customer service is impeccable.


This New York City brand is always, always cruelty-free, no matter the product, and these best eyelash curler options are no exception. Plus, they’re available in two shades of surgical grade stainless steel – rose gold or platinum. And they are just downright gorgeous even if they are a traditional mechanical design. And that, incidentally, means you should probably have some experience with eyelash curlers before reaching for these. (That said, there is an instruction booklet included.)

These eyelash curlers are also winners of buyers choice awards and the company is open and welcoming, whether you have a comment or a complaint. On top of that, the price is right and you get a satin carry bag and a lifetime guarantee. That’s difficult to beat, isn’t it?

Curler type: Mechanical

Material: Surgical-grade stainless steel

Handle: There isn’t any special covering on the stainless steel frame, but it’s oh-so-cute.

Silicone refills: 2 extra silicone pads

Electric: No

Heated: No

Special features: Comes with a satin travel pouch, the extra pads, and an instruction booklet.

Price: We love that this is a mere $10 and you get extra pads with it. Nice, right?

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