Coffee beans should be ground according to the type of coffee that you’re making - an espresso, a latte, whatever.

  • 25 Grind Settings for french press, drip, percolator, and espresso coffee
  • Backlit LCD Screen clearly shows grind setting, number of cups or shots and customized grind amount
  • Auto dosing system calibrates each adjusted dose

A true barista isn’t just someone that pushes a button. There’s an actual science (and a fair amount of art) to brewing an exquisite cup of coffee. It’s a combination of the beans, they way they’re roasted, the cut of the grind, the size of the cup, and plenty more. While those tiny footprint coffee grinders work for most of the population; they just won’t cut it for baristas and anyone that takes their coffee seriously. If you happen to be one of those people, this is the grinder you need.

A general grind just doesn’t cut it if you want a truly delicious cup of coffee. This grinder from Breville takes the guess work out of the grinding process. It offers 25 grind settings based on the desired cup. It also calculates the right amount of ground coffee you need for whichever machine you use. That’s uber helpful when you want a great cup of coffee before you’re properly awake.

What Reviewers Say:

  • We used to have a nice $50 Cuisinart grinder for years, and it still works well, but the noise it produced was horrifying (and I am NOT exaggerating, the NEIGHBORS even knew we were up when they heard the grinder, we live in a 2 story single family home), and the coffee grounds my husband left all around the machine when he removed the grounds bin was a daily annoyance. That coffee grinder has been cleaned & now happily residing at his office, where they can enjoy the mess and the noise, and a pretty good cup of coffee.
    Now you wouldn't think that switching grinders would have an overall impact in the coffee quality, but did it ever! The coffee tastes so much richer, fuller and more aromatic than before! Even our 23 year old son said "Wow mom, this coffee is good, did you switch beans?" Was he surprised to find out all we did was switch grinders!
  • I've spent the last three months looking for a decent burr grinder that didn't break the bank in terms of cost. To jump to the end of the story for those who want the bottom line, the Breville wins out as providing the best mix of convenience features and performance of any of the several I've tried (both less and more expensive). Highly, highly recommend.
  • This is simply one amazing grinder. Evenly ground beans with no clumping, a fine enough grind to use with my commercial Nuevo Simonelli rotary-vane pump machine and not one stray coffee ground after grinding directly into the portafilter. Another nice feature is being able to remove the bean hopper without having to empty the beans. This way I can have another hopper filled with decaf and can switch from regular to decaf beans in a few seconds. No more having to empty a bean hopper and replacing the regular beans with decaf beans. Very nice!!

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