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Breville Fast Slow Pro
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There are 11 pressure cooking settings and a 3-way safety system on this Breville pressure cooker. The LCD display alerts you to the current operation cycle of this appliance.

The lid doesn’t detach which makes it difficult for cleaning – and sometimes storing.


We absolutely love this Breville pressure cooker. And, there are a lot of reasons to do so. We’ll start with the 3-way safety system so that you know it’s always secure. It’s electric and has all the bells and whistles you would want from a digital pressure cooker.

The LCD screens allow you to use any of the 11 preset programs or to set your own. It will even tell you when the cooker is engaged and it is safe to walk away. There are time controls, pressure controls (and indicator), and a variety of cooking methods you can use – including slow cooking. Whether it’s fast or slow cooking that you’re after, there’s nothing this lovely pressure cooker can’t do – except maybe make itself more affordable. If it were $100 cheaper, we would insist on every home having one. It’s that brilliant.

Capacity? 6-quarts – and there’s no other size available.

Easy to clean? There’s a non-stick, ceramic coating which makes it simple to clean after every use. Wiping it out is easy, but the lid does provide a bit of a challenge for some users.

Safety Features? We really enjoy the safety lid that locks into place and the automatic hands-free steam release. The 3-way safety features really do make this an incredible appliance.

Extra features? We’re sold on the digital display of this Breville pressure cooker. Sold. You can select the level of pressure that you’re after on a scale between low and high. There are 11 present cook settings and you can pre-program your favorites too. Plus, you can set cooking times between 2 and 20 hours and the automatic steam release changes according to the food on the inside. Wow. We’re not short on features here.

Other cooking methods? Yay! You can also use this for slow cooking, steaming, sautéing, searing, reducing, and just for keeping your meal warm. You kind of have to love it, right?

Will it break the bank? Not everyone can afford a $250 appliance. And price is the one thing that keeps this from being our absolute top pressure cooker fave. If you do have the funds, and you love your kitchen gadgets, we believe you’ll get over the price quickly.


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