Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill

Best for Precise Temperature Grilling

Why people love it
  • Most precise temperature controls on the market
  • Totally worth the premium price
  • Heats evenly and quickly (and makes great sandwiches and steaks)

This is a talented little machine that allows you to do everything, from grilling burgers to making amazing sandwiches. The heating system is rather advanced for indoor electric grills and the digital display makes it easy to know what’s going on inside.

The machine itself isn’t cheap, and you’ll probably want to buy some extra plates in order to maximize use of this machine. It’s not really for hobbyists, but for those who know EXACTLY how to cook the perfect steak every time.


Never mind the price (for a moment) and think about the features you get with this Breville electric grill. You get the grill and the griddle options you would expect from a quality machine. And, then there is the panini setting that allows for the best sandwiches you’ve ever had. But it’s the little options that make us swoon.

This grill can unfold to double your flat-surface cooking space, and there’s a wonderfully handy plate release button to make it easy to remove the dishwasher-safe plates. The digital display is a rarity in the world of indoor grills and it makes it super easy to figure out what’s happening with your food, while the timer is just a little extra bonus. If this didn’t cost so much, we’d carve #love into the top; just so everyone would know.

Cooking method: This awesome appliance is an electric grill, griddle, and press in one. And it does each one of those things really, really well.

Best for cooking: Meats are a solid option, as you would expect from any indoor grill of this caliber. But, c’mon, this baby has a dedicated panini setting and we’re still dancing around the room about that.

Temperature control? Yes, yes, yes. You can adjust the temperature between 310 and 450ºF. The digital readout shows you when the temperature is in the right place and if it dips at any point. There’s also a searing option. And, then there’s that dance-worthy panini setting that you and everyone you know will rave about. Add to that the six adjustable height settings and you’ve got yourself a machine to love.

Dishwasher safe? Oh yes. It’s just what you would expect for the price, isn’t it? Dishwasher-safe plates and a removable drip tray.

Will it break the bank? Yes. We wish it wasn’t so expensive - $270 is a lot to pay for an indoor grill. Then again, if you use it all the time, you won’t mind the splurge.

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