Braza Swim Shaper

Best Bra Insert for Swimming

Why people love it
  • Amazing with swimsuits (both bikinis and one-pieces)
  • Definite push up and cleavage
  • Great fit – especially for smaller boobs

These are too stiff for inserting into regular bras – and probably for many sports bras. Additionally, the padding is quite thick, so they don’t work with every swimsuit; sometimes it’s obvious that they’re there.


If you’re small breasted, you’ve probably stuffed your bra at some point – whether it was toilet paper in high school or double bra-ing it (yes, that’s a thing). But, what are you supposed to do when you want some boost in a swimsuit? And, you know, you want it to look rather natural? The answer is here.

Now, we do need to remind you that these can’t possibly work for every bikini or one-piece because some cuts are just not conducive to adding a thick, bust-boosting layer of foam. But, the bra inserts do work across a range of suits – and given the price, it is totally worth the try.

We will say that these bra pads aren’t going to do much to support or perk up larger breasts, but if you’ve got smaller (anywhere from A to C) boobs, you’re probably going to benefit from these bra inserts. They hold up surprisingly well in the water too, so as long as your suit can manage it, you should be good to go.

Material: A combination of foam and polyester.

Color: Beige (and that’s all – it would be nice if more manufacturers realized that everyone isn’t the same shade of peach).

Sizing: There are just two sizes: A/B and C/D. And, it’s important to note that they do run a little small. You may want to opt for the bigger size if you’re on the fence; but if you’re worried about the size of your bikini top, take out a tape measure.

Shape: These are a full triangle shape, with rounded edges but definite points.

Safe for water wear: Yes, obviously.

Number of pairs: Just the one.

Cost: These are amazingly priced at $12. What’s not to like about that?

Bottom line: We absolutely love these bra pads for the cleavage that even small-breasted women can achieve in a swim suit. And we like the price too. We know they’re not right for every suit, but women who are conscious about their small breasts in revealing clothing already battle to find suits they like.

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