Braza Liquid Edge 2

Best Liquid Bra Insert

Why people love it
  • Natural appearance
  • Great at evening out breast sizes or after lumpectomies
  • Adds fullness and lift

When they work, they look more natural than many other inserts on the market and do wonders for women with unevenly-sized boobs. Plus, the price is right.

These are hand wash only and although they can handle some activity, aren’t really designed for intense activities.


The mineral oil in these bra inserts makes them move more naturally like breasts than foam (and even many silicone inserts) can do - which tends to make women more confident than they may feel with other cutlets. And, they tend to stay put once they’re in place.

One of the very best things about these bra pads is that the fluid helps to even out lumps and indents from lumpectomies and other issues left after reconstructive tissues. And, as long as you get the positioning right, they can balance out size differences between left and right boobs.

Additionally, the price is very reasonable. But, there is the issue of hand washing them. You have to do that with any liquid-filled bra pads or inserts, so it’s not a shock, but it’s still a hassle. Still, these tend to work for the majority of women that use them in a majority of “regular” bras. So, the washing struggle may well be worth it.

Material: Foam, polyester, and mineral oil.

Color: Beige (perhaps it’s good that we can’t see the oil, but a few more options would be nice).

Sizing: These are sized C/D, but there is also an A/B size for those that want it.

Shape: It’s a full, semi-rounded abalone with corners.

Safe for water wear: They can be.

Number of pairs: One pair per pack.

Cost: A pair is a rather affordable $13. Not bad, right?

Bottom line: We like them a lot, we do find that they’re not right for every woman all the time. In general, we’d reserve these for evening boobs and regular bras. But, these bra inserts do those things so well that we think they're worth it for every woman to have a set lying around.

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